How it Works

Moleculus transforms how members view cryptocurrencies by optimizing crypto investing for everyone, accelerating the vision of a viable decentralized economy.


Making crypto investments easy and simple for EVERYONE!

Our platform has a clear objective – Simplify crypto in every aspect. After all, widespread adoption of any innovation necessitates that it be relatively simple and secure for EVERYONE.

  • The platform undertakes various behind-the-scenes initiatives to ensure a smooth & comfortable crypto journey.

  • Moleculus Index tokens give vital stability and security in the crypto industry, which is still young, volatile, and changing.

  • Our ecosystem provides an avenue to tangibly realize your crypto success and unlock the true potential that DeFi envisions.

Investing in cryptocurrencies has never been easier

Build a strong and secure foundation for your crypto portfolio. Moleculus Index tokens deploy layers of financial strategies to enhance returns while minimizing losses. Realize the true potential of exemplary investment diversification!


Through a single index token, diversify your investments across several cryptocurrencies. To outperform the market, the token algorithms rebalance the diversification on a regular basis. The Index token takes care of all the heavy lifting to deal with market volatility, allowing you to relax while efficiently managing multiple coins through a single token.

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Key Benefits

Maximize growth potential and reduce market liability, simultaneously!

Investment Flexibility

Invest in crypto with greater flexibility, stability, and security. DeFi aims to empower the general public, and the journey is as essential as our destination!

Reduced Complexity

With thousands of coins on the market, each with its own fundamentals, Moleculus helps you cut through the clutter and chart a clear road to financial independence.

Index Tokens

The strength of a structure lies in its foundations. Our Index tokens adhere to the same principle, keeping your investment portfolio safe & strong, regardless of market situations

Complete Ecosystem

We wish to cater not only the crypto investors, but everyone! Our products offer a wide spectrum of practical utility to realistically address societal needs.

Easy, Unbiased Access

Our platform can be easily available to anybody, adhering to the fundamentals of a decentralized economy. Take your initial step without being concerned about its size.

Safety First

Protecting you is our utmost priority. Therefore, we comply with multiple finance, regulatory and security laws to always keep your assets and identities safe.

Moleculus Ecosystem

To be truly viable, cryptocurrency must be able to seamlessly serve a practical purpose in the real world. Our suite of financial products and services is designed to cater to the practical needs and requirements of our modern society, with cryptocurrency.

Systematic Investments

Recurring investment plans that are effective tools for easy, responsible crypto growth. Invest confidently without compromising on your personal finances.

Crypto Loans

Borrow against your crypto to avail fiat loans and earn yeild rewards by lending your crypto. Life happens, and your crypto is here to always serve you.

Smart Insurance

Insure your belongings with our smart-contract powered insurances to avail exciting plans with faster claims processing and better product experience!

Relocate Stress-free

Reduce your financial burden when moving into a new apartment. One less thing to worry about when entering the next chapter of your life!

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mobile apps

Moleculus Mobile App

Manage your cryptocurrency and receive rewards on the go! Our mobile application will ensure that you can connect to and manage your coins, anywhere and anytime. Don’t let the digital rewards slip by while you are busy with the real life.

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