Does buying a single Index token mean buying into all underlying coins?

Absolutely! With a single token transaction, buy into all the underlying cryptocurrencies. An efficient method to increase diversification and reduce your individual transactions.

How is the diversification ratio within the Index Tokens determined?

Based on a class of parameters including factors such as market performance, underlying coin principles, community sentiments etc, distribution ratios are assigned and are actively rebalanced to maximize growth and reduce losses

Does Moleculus Wallet support buy, sell & swap of other coins?

Yes! We do not wish to put any constraints on our members. However, the wallet will support only our Index tokens at launch, with support for other individual coins gradually integrated in phases later.

Anyone can simply follow your Index Token fundamentals and do it themselves. What’s the difference then?

On a higher level, yes anyone is welcome to follow our fundamentals. But to do so will require time and effort, which is significant and quite expensive in many cases. Our goal is to empower all crypto holders, while cutting down on the workload required to do so. Most importantly, it’s the convenience and ease of mind that the index tokens provide which will be key for driving DeFi adoption amongst the general masses.

Will my assets comply with the government regulations and security measures?

Unconditionally! The Platform and our associated custodian and product partners will be regularly audited and remain compliant in accordance with the local government guidelines and regulations. Our network transactions and processes will also be insured to make sure that members don’t face losses for no fault of theirs. With transparent network operations, members can have a look for themselves at the functioning rationale behind the platform.

Crypto is so volatile and risky. Why should I even consider venturing in this space?

Well before every major milestone humanity crossed, there were millions who faced similar dilemmas. The traditional financial industry has well established that it works for the benefit of select few at the expense of the rest of the community. Let’s take this opportunity to rectify the mistakes made in the past, and strive towards an economy working for global benefit, and not the other way around!